by Christopher Ariza is a “comprehensive research resource for computer aided algorithmic music composition, including over one-thousand research listings, over one hundred system listings, cross referenced links to research, links to software downloads and documentation, and web-based tools for searching and filtering the complete lexicon.”

Two online journals

Dancecult : journal of electronic dance music culture. “Dancecult is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture (EDMC).”

Jems : journal of experimental music studies. “Jems is an online peer-reviewed journal devoted to experimental, systems, minimal, post-minimal, ‘new’ tonal and postmodern music.” The same web site also hosts The experimental music catalogue and its article archive.

I’ve updated the meta-bibliography. All links to Music & Dance Reference should now work.

Electroacoustic music meta-bibliography

The meta-bibliography is available again, in a thoroughly revised and updated version.

(The EAM meta-bibliography is a bibliography of electroacoustic music bibliographies. It is a spin-off from my master’s thesis in library and information science, and covers websites, books and journal articles that list items of interest to EAM composers and researchers.)

EAM in DDM-online

One can find quite a few dissertations on electroacoustic music at Doctoral dissertations in musicology-online. The index is searchable by keyword or classification. It is possible to use * as a wildcard, though only at the end of strings. A search for “electro*” yields 53 items, most of them relevant, while a search for items classified as “71ek*”, i.e. twentieth century (7) – historical musicology (1) – electronic music (ek), lists 36 dissertations. ISBN:s are given for published works, and dissertations in progress are listed and asterisked. There are also instructions for submission of your own dissertation or topic.

The Experimental Music Studios of the UIUC celebrates 50th anniversary

The Experimental Music Studios of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has released an four CD set in celebration of their 50th anniversary. The music is freely available as mp3s.

There is also a paper on the history of the center by Emanuele Battisti: The Experimental Music Studio at the University of Illinois, 1958-68: Environment, People, Activities, and one can find more history-related stuff if one looks around the site.

Lejaren Hiller created and directed the studio during its first ten years. He left in 1968 when he was appointed professor of composition at SUNY at Buffalo, and his archive belongs to the SUNY Music Library. The inventory, together with a brief chronology and bibliography, is compiled by Pei-jung Wu (this resource will be added to the EAM meta-bibliography).

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